hi every1 so im goin on hiatus for a while. i dont know when i’ll be back but i’m keeping everything up (resources, themes etc) 4 now. i wont be able to answer any questions so be sure to check my faq if you need help. alright ill go now cya soon


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Anonymous asked:
omg your hybrid theme is amazing! i love it. hopefully the whole trend with redux themes pixels and small fonts go away.

thank u nd yeah!! it was sorta my style to use that stuff when I was a beginner but now that I’m more experienced I prefer layouts that are more clear nd simple (I rly love the flat design trend right now)))

Anonymous asked:
you should make grid themes too :D

im still unfamiliar w how to make grids but I think I’ll have a go at it since I rly need a new theme 4 my photoblog 😅


Hybrid Theme by Tukut

Code | Features (under the cut) | Static preview

I was super inspired when the new tumblr mobile layout came out so I made a theme that adapts to how you change your mobile theme! Add a header, it shows up on this theme. Change your avatar shape, and it changes on this theme. If you can’t get to your computer, you can customize most of this theme through mobile! It’s super neat, has loads of customize options, and I’m really proud of it. Hope you all enjoy!

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Anonymous asked:
i'm really happy that you make themes and are amazing at coding. you've really inspired me to get into coding and you're such a wonderful female coder i can look up too. computer science isn't as full of as many girls as i'd wish it to be, and it gives me confidence as another female to get into technology. thank you steph, you're amazing! ily <3

this message really means a lot to me, I’m glad I could help u get motivated to learn!!!! Thank u so much & good luck ^^