wrap redux by tukut

preview (code &features under the cut!)

since my last theme was really popular even though fairly simple i decided to edit it and mix in all of the themes ive made so far into a nice super customizeable one. i hope u all enjoy!!  



  • 500/250/400px posts
  • show/hide album art, tags, captions
  • bgcover (maximized background) or not
  • custom font or not
  • change sidebar height
  • footers slide in & out on hover
  • minimal footers
  • minimal album art
  • shadow(dark) posts / light posts
  • solid color sidebar / posts / footer *NOTE: if you deselect dark, solid color(s), and light, posts will be transparent and you cannot change the color or opacity.
  • transparent footer or not
  • image fade or not
  • minimal pagination
  • footer/sidebar/post borders or not
  • 7 different glow options
  • post glow/ sidebar glow or not
  • post shadow / sidebar shadow or not
  • infinite scroll
  • music box / not (moveable)
  • nav button / drop down meny (5 custom links + home)
  • rounded corners / not (rounded also rounds post picture edges)
  • floaties (show/hide) - can upload 5 different floaties
  • bottom image (moveable)
  • sidebar image (moveable)
  • customizeable favicon
  • change font size
  • post / sidebar opacity (set when using light / dark options)
  • everything’s color can be customized

let me know if you have any questions or encounter any issues! some nice backgrounds can be found here and here’s some nice pixels for your floaties or sidebar image C:

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